Diving Frontiers have factory trained dive equipment servicing technicians in all major brands including Aquanaut, Oceanic, Mares, Cressi, Dacor, Sherwood, Genesis, Scubapro, Tusa, IST, Apollo, Sterling, Boss , Saeko Dive and all other major brands.


Servicing Guarantee


Professional equipment servicing

Our in-house quality control ensures you receive a reliable service on your dive equipment backed up by a 3 month warranty.
Hydro sonic cleaning baths & authorized manufacturer replacement parts result in an equipment service you can rely on and we guarantee it.

Nitrox Membrane – We have a state of the art Nitrox Membrane which means we can pump unlimited amounts of Enriched Air into standard cylinders. No need to have cylinders cleaned. Cost for Enriched Air fill is only $12.95. (conditions apply)

Hydrostatic Testing is carried out on our own in house approved testing station (station #616) and all work is done in accordance with Australian Standards.


Equipment Servicing Rates
Hydrostatic Tests $33.00 Includes fill
Regulator Servicing $55.00 plus parts Includes First and Second Stages, Gauges and LP Inflator Hose
BCD Service $19.00 plus parts
Computer Batteries $ see comment Depends on model as costs vary significantly.
Tank Valve Service $15.00
AIR 2 Service $35.00
Air Fills $7.00 with fill card Based on a standard 12.2 steel or 11.5 Aluminium Tank. High quality air. (Note prices vary depending on Cylinder size.)
Nitrox Fills from $12.95 Nitrox Membrane (can be put into non clean cylinders)


* NOTE: Charges may vary from time to time, check with the store for up to date prices