Copy of Ezy-Buy

Purchase your Oceanic Scuba Diving Equipment now. Yes, you can have you Oceanic Dive gear now and use it to go diving this weekend.

How does this program work?

EP1Its very simple really. Thanks to Oceanic Ezi-Buy, you can collect your new Scuba equipment NOW and spread the payments out over 12 months, with NO INTEREST and a small set up Fee.

How much can I borrow?

Approved applicants can borrow up to $4,000.00

How much deposit do I need?

A 20% deposit is recommended although a facility can be done with any amount of deposit, even a zero deposit, it is up to you.

They is a small set up fee of around $35.00 and a $2.50 per direct debit. It is however interest free.

What can I buy?

EP2Your Oceanic Scuba Package or any combination comprising Oceanic Regulator, Occy Reg, Buoyancy Compensator and Dive Computer is possibly your starting point, but you can also include your Wetsuit, Boots, Mask, Snorkel and Fins and in fact you can even include your Openwater or Advanced Diver course.

Why should I buy my own Equipment?

When you own your own Scuba equipment, like anything, you at once become more familiar with the positioning and the working of that gear, and you can adjust straps, Occy Reg and Computer positioning etc. Also when you buy your accessories such as Retainer Clips and Retractors, they can stay permanently attached to your gear.

Also save money on Scuba Equipment hire and dive more regularly. You can afford to dive as often as you like with the only cost being air fills of around $4.00 each.

It really does make a lot of sense.

Note: Due to restrictions on ezi buy contracts individuals need to make an application in person at our store.