Hollis explorer rebreather diving

TDI Hollis Explorer Rebreather Course

Welcome to the future…get ahead of the game.

Imagine 120 minutes of breathing time at 40 meters and with little or no bubbles means fish swim so close you can almost touch them.  
COST: $695.00

1. If diver is only Open Water certification and less than  20 dives they will need to complete a pool session in addition to the days mentioned below.

2. Applicants need to have Enriched Air Nitrox Certification ( TDI or equivalent ). This can be packaged into the Hollis Explorer Rebreather Course if required at a discounted price.
Course Structure:
  •  Day 1
    Paper work and Explorer Theory, Explorer Build and Dives 1 and 2 


  • Day  2
    Dives 3 and 4,  Explorer Exam and final paper work




Re-breather Instructor Supervision and TDI Certification, elearning training materials
Participants will normally purchase a Explorer Unit for their course otherwise it can be hired for $300.00 for the course.

Diving Frontiers are one of the few Dive Stores in Australia able to offer Training , Service and sales of this amazing unit.

We can offer the best price in Australia.  see here for prices and details 

Hollis Explorer Re-breather